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About Us

Official Version:

The Pee Dee News Network offers nonprofits in the Pee Dee Region a suite of marketing tools, social media analytics, and assistance that will allow them to reach more people in need and more donors than ever before at no cost to their organizations. To qualify an organization's IRS Form 990 or the Secretary of State's Annual Financial Report must be on file with the South Carolina Secretary of State's Office.’s mission is to highlight efforts being made by local community nonprofit organizations to improve the lives of our citizens. The key to our success will be increasing awareness by increasing the number of households and readers receiving the information. Our website and coordinated social media programs will make it easy for our local nonprofits to share their stories and be seen and heard throughout the Pee Dee at no cost to the nonprofits.

Personal Version:

I started my newspaper career in 1974 at the Journal in my hometown of Sioux City, IA. Like many Baby Boomers, I wanted to make a difference. My boss at the Journal convinced me a career in newspaper publishing was the perfect way for me to fulfill my dreams. And he was right. Over the next 40 plus years, I was able to help numerous civic groups and nonprofits “make a difference” in their communities. It was very satisfying.

When I left the Florence Morning News at the end of 2017, I explored several opportunities on what to do with the rest of my life and came to the conclusion that I still wanted to make a difference and the best way for me to do it was with civic groups and nonprofits in the Pee Dee Region. I came to this conclusion while participating in Francis Marion University’s 2018 Non-Profit Leadership Institute (NPLI). It is a great program and one that I recommend anyone interested in a nonprofit career pursue.

The Non-Profit Leadership Institute is a seven-month course that equips non-profits with leadership and business tools. Experts from public, private and non-profit sectors lead the sessions. Topics include program development, human resources, financial resource management, data collection and managing external relations. FMU supports NPLI by funding and hosting the institute.

Bottom Line:

The newspaper industry was very good to me financially and will allow me to help civic groups and nonprofits in the Pee Dee Region to “make a difference” using the internet and social media.  To grow we will need to sell advertising to local businesses. The good news is because of our size we will have the ability to offer some pretty inexpensive rates for some pretty impressive results.  Launching PeeDeeNews Network.Com is the first step in this journey and will be followed quickly by Facebook and other social media staples. We have a small but dedicated team so wish us luck. We will make a difference. It will be very satisfying.


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Joe Craig

Pee Dee News Network

PO BOX 6044

Florence, SC 29502


Phone: 843-256-4385

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