DARLINGTON, S.C. – Students at Rosenwald Elementary and Middle School (REMS) are getting a new walking trail and gardens, all thanks to a grant secured by the Darlington County Coordinating Council (DC3) through the S.C. Office of Rural Health.

The school hosted a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday afternoon, joined by its partners for this initiative, to celebrate the new walking trail.

“The physical and emotional well-being in our students is critical to their happiness and growth,” said Dr. Tim Newman, Darlington County School District superintendent. “These new initiatives focus on building up our children both outside and inside of the classroom. We are very thankful to have community partners willing to offer help in our schools.”

The $25,000 grant will fund the construction of an asphalt walking trail around the school’s playground, gardens focused on providing healthy foods for students, age-appropriate books for students, as well as other benefits. Along with the DC3, Clemson Extension will provide training and support for the nutritional portion of the project.

“The DC3 is so happy to be able partner with others to provide a much needed walking trail for the students and the community,” said Joe Bittle, chairman of the DC3. 

Additionally, the grant will fund opportunities for several public and private health organizations to partner and provide well-being and engagement support to Darlington County communities.

“I am so grateful to DC3 for their interest and investment in our students and our school program,” said Kim Mason, principal of Rosenwald. “From securing the grant to installing a walking trail, upgrading our memorial garden, and providing books to build home libraries for our students, the DC3 has caringly promoted Rosenwald Elementary/Middle School to support lifelong health and learning.”

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