In the upcoming gallery exhibition, Environment for Connections, at TRAX Visual Art Center, Sandy Cook has curated work from many artists from the Lake City area and beyond. The gallery holds different pieces of work that celebrate artists from all backgrounds and tell their stories. The artists contributing to this show are: Jan Chenoweth, Ashley Hamilton, Roger Halligan, and Tiffany Thomas. Check back as we add more artists to the mix!

Jan Chenoweth: For Chenoweth, art has been a life-long pursuit enriched by her formative years in South Florida and unquenched wanderlust.  She was born in Miami Beach, Florida in 1945 and after many stops along the way, now resides and works in Lake City, SC.  Her BFA studies were primarily at the University of Illinois and Virginia Intermont College with a concentration in painting. She received her MFA in Studio Arts with a sculpture concentration from Florida State University. Her early years in the tropics provided a rich stimulus for the sense of color and texture that have remained a vital part of her art throughout her career. Colors, forms and structures have always been starting points for her art. Click here to view her website and learn more!

Ashley Hamilton: Hamilton is a painter currently living in Lake City, SC. A native of Nashville, Ashley began her art education at Nashville School of the Arts. She spent a year studying abroad at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia, where she focused mainly on printmaking and installation. She received her BFA in drawing and painting from University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. Ashley’s work often explores issues regarding the struggle of self-identity, focusing on psychoanalytical notions such as displacement and repetition compulsion. Although trained as a painter, her work exists in an expanded field of painting, manifesting in various ways including performance, sculpture, installation, and video. Click here to view her website and learn more!

Roger Halligan: Halligan has been creating sculpture professionally since the mid seventies.  After graduating with an MFA with honors in Studio Arts from the University of Georgia in 1977, he moved to North Carolina where he became an exhibit designer for the North Carolina Zoological Park.  As part of a team of artists they developed award winning design/build  naturalistic habitats for a variety of species of wild animals.   He left the zoo in 1992 to devote his time to his fine art  work.  In 1993, the design team was awarded the State of North Carolina Governor’s Award for Excellence for their working in the design and construction of the Sonora Desert Habitats. In 2007, he was awarded an ArtsMove Chattanooga Grant and relocated his studio and home to downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Most recently he and his wife, the artist Jan Chenoweth have moved their home and studio to Lake City, SC. Click here to view his website and learn more!

Tiffany Thomas: Thomas is a native of Florence, South Carolina. Born in 1985, she was raised on a farm and experienced the ups and downs of living a farm life. She incorporates her childhood into her paintings by using bright colors, which are associated with playfulness and collage paintings with reclaimed wood that her family discarded from old houses, buildings and dumpsters.  Her clay of choice is translucent porcelain, fired with colorful stains and glazes. Her ceramic work focuses on an array of designs; from cups and mugs to light fixtures and table pieces. All of her pieces are hand carved. Tiffany graduated from Francis Marion University in 2012 with a degree in Visual Arts with concentrations in ceramics and painting. Her goal is to not only sell art nationally online and through galleries and craft shows, but also to demonstrate to others how art can bridge communities and make the world a better place. Click here to view her website and learn more!

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