Padgett Kahn joining Trinity Collegiate School as the school’s new guidance counselor.

Trinity Collegiate School announces that Padgett Kahn will be the school’s new guidance counselor. Padgett is a Florence native and alumnus of the IB program at Wilson High School. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The Citadel in 2016, and earned his Master’s in Clinical Counseling from The Citadel Graduate College in 2021.

After graduating with his Master’s, Padgett moved his family back to Florence to be closer to extended family and to begin his career in the mental health field.

Padgett discovered his passion for helping others at an early age and decided to become a student of psychology while still in high school in order to eventually enter the profession of clinical counseling. . “I have always had a gift for empathy and caring for others, which is why I chose to study psychology and build a skill set that complements that gift in order to help people,” said Padgett of his passion for counseling. “I am excited to step into the role of guidance counselor at Trinity to help these students learn about mental health, grow a positive moral character, and to develop into principled leaders.”

Padgett’s other interests include spending time with his wife and two young children, remaining involved with his church, attending events at The Citadel, and playing golf very poorly. Padgett is the son of Dr. David Kahn,owner of The Counseling Center of Florence, and Celly Kahn. the Executive Director of PeeDee Speech and Hearing.

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