MUSC Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness to support Florence 1 Schools through School-Based Wellness Initiative

The MUSC Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness (BCCW) is proud to announce it has expanded its School-Based Wellness Initiative to Florence 1 Schools through support from BlueCross® BlueShield® of South Carolina Foundation for the Diabetes Free SC (DFSC) initiative.

DFSC is a long-term, multi-million dollar, statewide initiative dedicated to addressing the epidemic of diabetes in three strategic directions: improved pregnancy outcomes in women with diabetes; reduced lifelong risk of diabetes in children; and the prevention of diabetes and its complications in adults. The MUSC BCCW is included in the effort to reduce the lifelong risk of diabetes in children through their School-Based Wellness Initiative. The Initiative assists schools in implementing population-level interventions that promote healthy eating and physical activity in order to decrease obesity, a modifiable cause of diabetes.

The MUSC BCCW School-Based Wellness Initiative engages schools and districts in creating a culture of wellness. Program Coordinators support participating schools as they utilize the MUSC BCCW’s innovative tool, the School Wellness Checklist©, which serves as a guide to choose evidence-based wellness strategies and resources that meet the needs of a school community. These practices help schools make policy, systems, and environmental changes required to sustain a culture of wellness.

“The infrastructure for learning is already in place within a school, making it the perfect environment to educate students on their health and wellness. I tell schools to think about what they are already doing and how they can add wellness into existing day-to-day activities,” says Lauren Kelly, Program Coordinator. “Those changes embed wellness into the school culture, which creates long-lasting effects, including reducing the risk of diabetes among students and improving academic outcomes.”

During this pandemic, especially with students participating in virtual learning on their devices, children have been more sedentary than they have ever been,” says Jeff Murrie, Florence 1 Schools Farm to School Coordinator. “It is so important for us to encourage them to continue to be active and to encourage them to explore and enjoy foods that can fuel their minds and bodies. This partnership will help us share resources and tips to put our students on track for healthy living for years to come.”

About the MUSC Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness:

The MUSC BCCW was established ten years ago with foundational support from the Boeing Company. It envisions a South Carolina where all children are healthy, succeed in school, and thrive in life. The implementation of the MUSC BCCW School-Based Wellness Initiative supports this vision by engaging the school community in creating a healthy learning environment. This is achieved through three key components: the utilization of the School Wellness Checklist© (SWC), the participation of an active school wellness committee, and the support provided by an MUSC BCCW Program Coordinator. The MUSC BCCW relies on grants, donations, and sponsorships to carry out its mission.

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